App PR & Marketing

 Launching an app without a proper PR and marketing plan is like building a structure without doors. Essentially, how can people connect with you or your app?

Getting a few early adopters on board, who pave the way for the masses to start using your app fervently, that’s what our App PR and Marketing services are all about. We have clearly defined areas of App PR which allow us to systematically construct a winning campaign.

Competitive Research

You’re setting your ship to sail in an ocean with a lot of other ships. Before your app hits the market, we make sure it is well-positioned through competitor research and their strategies.

Ad Planning & Buying

The age-old art of advertising always pays dividends, but in today’s expensive environment, you want to make sure about choosing the right advertising platforms in terms of reach and cost.

Content & Engagement

Content is king, and will remain so. We create engaging digital campaigns using critical mediums such as social media and blogospheres to amplify usage.

Don’t fall prey to the pitfalls of launching a killer app but not promoting it accordingly. App PR & Marketing is a one-time investment with long-term returns.

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