eCommerce and Backend Management

For internet retailers, their online presence is their most fundamental sales channel, and the customer-facing front. At the same time this brings in the added responsibility of strong and robust management that upholds online selling and security standards throughout the year.

This is where eCommerce and backend management plays a critical role, and this is where our dedicated support and management teams come in. We specialize in providing administrative and supervisory support to a range of eCommerce models: Multi-Brand Retail, Single Brand B2C, Small eCommerce stores, Private Sale (Luxury Auctions), Large Scale Marketplace and Auctions etc.

We devise a holistic and all-encompassing strategy which covers all key and critical areas of eCommerce, including, but not limited to:

Core Functionality

- Platform Architecture Support
- Product Information Management
- Rich Media Support
- Content Management System

- Site Search Integration
- Hosting/ Infrastructure
- Performance Management & Optimization
- Business Intelligence / Data Mining


Sales & Fulfillment Related

-  Order Management & Fulfillment
- Security Certification
- Shopping Comparison Engines
- Marketplace Management
- Mobile Commerce
- Payment Security
- Payment Systems

Customer Centric Areas

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
- Customer Reviews & Forums
- Email Support Management
- Affiliate Marketing
- Search Engine Marketing Support
- Web Analytics & Social Media

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