Technology has revolutionized the way education is delivered. From in-class handheld devices to revolutionary online class delivery platforms, technology has made knowledge more accessible than ever.

With the emergence of new, collaborative, teaching methodologies, students and teachers have come closer, no matter wherever in the world they are. At Cyberlogics we believe in furthering this advancement for the benefit of students and teachers across the world.

Our solutions enable teachers to monitor performance and parents to track their child’s learning process. At the same time, they help students to learn in ways easy and fun to them.

Dynamic Benefits

We work with education providers at all levels, primary to higher education, and deliver a range of different solutions to achieve different objectives. The purpose is to empower educators, improve the overall learning experience, increase accountability, and boost student success rate. 

Most importantly, reliable and flexible cloud based solutions enable all stakeholders to benefit, anywhere, anytime over the internet.

Following are some of the solutions we provide:

  • Education ERP Systems
  • Customized Solutions & Integrations
  • Managed Apps
  • Managed eBook Systems
  • Education System Security Structure
  • Cloud Networking and Infrastructure
  • Desktop and App Virtualization
  • Education Mobility Management
  • Data Sync and Sharing
  • Social Collaboration and Learning

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