Enterprise Social Networking

 The benefits of social networking are many, and in a corporate context, they are massive. Many global companies are encouraging employees to use their in-house social network to do anything from connecting to other employees, socializing during a break, or even help contribute to other projects across the organization.

Let Us Connect Your Employees

Through a range of disruptive technologies and tools, we are able to create intranet social and collaborative systems that will make your organization a more connected and agile one. This includes deploying connectivity applications that will allow your company to remain connected via the internet, as well as mobile, platforms.

It’s more like a best-of-both-worlds scenario when work and socializing becomes interconnected for a more congenial work environment.

Our services cover applications that allow users to:

  • Collaborate upon a joint project
  • Follow group leads and senior resource activity
  • Real-time insight into on-going corporate processes
  • File sharing for rapid flow of critical documentation and tools
  • Stay in touch through the palm of your hands with mobile integration
  • And many other things to stay competitive and agile!

Our enterprise social networking service is adept enough to develop cross-border and inter-regional platforms for large organizations. Click here to get started!