Hospitality and Travel

 Global tourism has risen exponentially, with newer destinations added to travel boards every day. The travel industry is in a constant state of transition, owing to the introduction of new digital frontiers which allow travellers to assess everything before making a decision. This includes all elements of the hospitality industry such as hotels and resorts, as well as the tourism industry, from travel makers to cruise lines.

Enhancing Experiences for Travel Companies

Cyberlogics provides world class technology facilities to your hospitality business, to spur growth and enhance customer engagement. Having experience in dealing with the entire value chain of travel and hospitality globally, we have the expertise and tools that can enable you to gain a viable edge over your rivals. We manage administrative and operational, as well as customer facing functions such as technology enabled customer support and feedback mechanisms.

Our service portfolio is designed to improve customer connection, satisfaction and lifetime value for your organization. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Application Development and Management
  • Hospitality CRM Systems
  • Travel CRM & ERP Implementation
  • Bespoke IT Consulting
  • Digital Customer Engagement Platforms
  • In-House Performance Management Systems

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