Human Resource Management

 With workforces growing exponentially, human resource management has become a challenging and multi-dimensional task.

We offer you a complete array of human resource management services. Beginning with basic recruitment and transitioning through the complete employee life cycle, our HRM services augment your workforce management goals, including efficient resource management, reduced costs, and simplification of complex processes.

Truly Multi-Channel Approach

As a global enterprise ourselves, we recognize and realize the challenges of a multi-layered organization every day. On-field, in-house and call center, these are just three types of scenarios that today’s organization can come across, each with their own unique requirements.

To cater to such challenges without any hassle, Cyberlogics deploys a truly omnichannel approach to human resource management, and has customized and hybrid solutions for all types of organizations.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Workforce Administration Solutions
  • Employee Data Management
  • Payroll Processing Solutions
  • Global Mobility Implementation
  • Compensation
  • Talent Pool Management
  • Expatriate Data Administration
  • HR Analytics
  • HR Transformation Solutions

Our focus is to optimize the HR management, as well as HR service delivery experience for your employees, while saving you critical costs and time. Our own experience allows us to identify areas of improvement rapidly, and execute without wasting any time.

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