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On NovaRO, this gives FLEE +2. *1 : Uniquement disponible pour le processeur ARM. So hopefully, regardless of whether you are just starting to play the game or have become a veteran from playing since day one, our guide has helped you even boost your motivation on the game even more. While Klaue managed to escape with the stockpile, he received a brand on his neck from the Wakandans. It has a large AoE, ignores flee, forced neutral and has bonus damage for small targets, and a penalty for large targets. Once you make it on the actual arena, you can now take turns killing each other. As with Magic Gear License, both Axe and Madogear builds should get this for the passive boost. Attacks consume 1 SP. If refine level > 7, Acceleration SP cost reduced by 20. Knuckle Boost is best used to interrupt people out of skill casts. As this already our fourth guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, be sure to check and read through our beginner, advanced, and expert guides especially if you just started to play the game. SEARCH. Stats only active during BG, PVP or WoE. The Guild Dojo is where you can party up with fellow guild members and take on mobs after mobs as well as Mini and MVP Bosses from one dojo to another. It's up to you if you prefer this or the Glorious Morning Star, which is only slightly behind in power compared to the Twohanded Axe. Crimson Mace is a bit of a weird one. Page 1. The most common lower headgear for PVPing. It's also stellar in PVP where skills that inflict Frozen are very commonplace. Neutral property resistance +10%. Reduce damage taken from players by 1%. Crimson 2H Axe has one additional card slot against this, which will make Hurricane Fury overall weaker for skill spamming. Neutral Barrier is arguably the defining support skill of Mechanics. In PVP, Water is an immensely important element to block due to 100% Water resistance being the only viable defence against the Sorcerer's Diamond Dust and its Crystallization status. Therefore, the maximum possible total is 250% ATK. Set bonus: With Mine Worker's Backpack and Mine Worker's Vest, ATK +5%, ASPD +10%, critical damage +20%. Some are easier than the rest but knowing these methods will help you make an informed decision whether to buy a new gear that may not increase your damage as much if you do the other methods. 10 ATK, Weight 600. However, the primary objective of this tanking build is to keep your allies shielded with your support skills while you hinder enemies with crowd control skills. Recommended Level: 0 for general PVM, 4 for WoE / MVP hunting. Usage [edit | edit source]. When dealing physical or magical damage, has a low chance to recovery 150 HP per second for 5 seconds. The main disadvantage is the Zeny cost of skill catalysts, as well as a limited number of skill points that you need to spread over a large number of skills, requiring you to focus on certain aspects over others. Emergency Cool - Whenever you overheat, pop this skill real quick to remove the debuff. Consume 100 HP every 10 seconds. Arm Cannon is also endowable with elements, so use … For every 2 refine levels, additional ATK +1%, MATK +1%, MaxHP -2%. A hybrid of the two is also possible. Variable cast time -3%. Three styles for you to choose from! Unless you have spare skill points after having spent it on everything else you'll use in your build, don't bother with this. While the skill level cap has increased to 5, it will almost always be better to use Lv2 or Lv3, unless you can kill in one shot with Lv5. A properly timed Magnetic Field can be used to set up a full team kill if you follow up immediately with Self Destruction. Bypasses 30% DEF against players. After this, go for the rest in whatever order you feel is best. Arm Cannon receives a massive damage boost vs undead/demon type when buffed with Aspersio on top of the bonus already given by holy cannonballs. Not as nice as the AGI Supplement Equipment, even with Madogear. Increase your power. 180 ATK. Ranged attack resistance +10%. Your end goal boots for Madogear and Axe Boomerang. Get variable casting time to 0. MDEF +5. Destroy the Madogear, sapping you of all SP and hitting any target around you in a 5x5/7x7/9x9 area. With the set bonus, that gets doubled to times 6. You should hit 99/70, or be very close to it. Not a priority for Axe builds, but overheat on the Madogear is really annoying so this will really help. Drains 10 HP every 5 seconds while equipped. This card is pretty much a better Bathory in terms of resistances. For Madogear builds, it can save quite a bit of Zeny if you manage to complete the card set for cheap. On NovaRO, this gives: Reduce damage taken from small, medium and large enemies by 15%. It appears on the Scorched Earth, Extinction, Ragnarok, Valguero, Genesis: Part 1, and Crystal Isles maps. The price points may be similar depending on market conditions, so be sure to check prices on both to see if it's worth using this as a stepping stone. When physically or magically attacked, chance to gain Perfect Dodge +30 for 10 seconds. In PVP it has a bit more use to shatter tanky Royal Guard buffs, but often times enemies will escape to recast their buffs. Be very wary of Shadow Chasers. Can hit harder with support, doesn't require a specific weapon and is also cheaper overall to use. STR +2. Your options are: A good "starter" card of sorts for any Mado or Axe Boomerang build. An improved middle headgear piece for PVPing. Also if you spot an error or think something is missing from the guide, shoot me a message on Discord (@Mallinock#4870) or forum PM or even in-game message (I am primarily on a character named Mallinock. Increases the amount of Zeny received when selling items to NPCs by 7~24%. And it does not need to be refined to take effect, so you don't need to take chancy refines to get the most of it. When fighting DemiHuman, Demon or Undead enemies, use, Slot in Revolver Buffalo Card and Shotgun Buffalo Card. Ragnarok Mobile: Mechanic Arm Cannon Build. Remember to reveal with Infrared Scan and escape with Front Side Slide. Strongest weapon for Axe Boomerang and Power Swing in PVP. 80 ATK. Slightly less accessible than Dark Pinguicula, due to Duneyrr spawning far less frequently. CANON Drivers. If other sources of after cast delay are available in your other gear slots, you can opt for Attack Delay enchants as well to power Arms Cannon a bit more. However, note the high base weapon ATK and the high weight value; this makes it stellar for Axe Boomerang! Never treat anything I say as the absolute truth or the only way to do something. Chance to inflict Stun, Poison, Silence or Curse when physically attacking, and chance is increased on higher refine levels. Note that when you swap to this, your DemiHuman damage reduction drops by 17%, so be aware this could get you killed before you blow up. Stop just before delivering the last Blue Gemstone and Holy Water. ATK +10. Earth property resistance +10%. It's not too important beyond that, as you can always use Light Blue Pots to keep your SP up. You may find yourself breezing through one boss here and then suddenly sweating beads on the next one so be extra careful and prepare well before entering. Due to the cool down increasing as the skill level increases, Lv2 deals the highest damage per second. It can be decent DPS against an MVP, but take note this build is only useful for a singular purpose. Identify an unidentified item. Other than that, there's less PVM usage. STR+1, ATK+4. I would recommend Axe type builds over Madogear while levelling in a party. MDEF +1. You might want to try a different build or made a mistake allocating stats and skill points. The most notable ones are Masquerade - Ignorance which prevents any skill usage and Masquerade - Weakness which strips your weapon and shield, even if you were under Full Chemical Protection (and your Madogear's natural FCP-like effect also doesn't work, apparently). If you're levelling as a Madogear build, this is a nice stepping stone for ranged AoE if enemies resist Flame Launcher. It's been years, but this is still the de facto standard card for blocking common Frozen effects. Does not stack with other movement speed enhancements. If STR > 95, the following effects activate: ATK+340, 50% chance to stun on hit, 5% chance to break target armour. Adrenaline Rush, Power-Thrust and Weapon Perfection last 10% longer. Its innate bonuses are nothing special, but the real charm is the reactor supplements which can grant a sizeable ATK increase. The more the enemy units in the range, the higher the damage. Assume a Mechanic with max ASPD tries every skill level of Arm Cannon against a Medium sized mob, with their ATK not changing in-between tests. It simply can't be beat, even with the set bonuses of the Verus gear and good enchants, because the 0.5 second fixed cast time reduction is a huge boost in DPS, not even mentioning the ranged attack damage boost and the additional enchants that can go even further. If you must completely avoid Crystallization altogether, going for 100% Water resistance is completely viable. Skill cooldown is 5~3 seconds. Damage against medium or large size targets +15%. It's far cheaper. The Cannon is a stationary turret used to fire Cannon Ball.It is used for siege warfare and is also effective for taming Titanosaur, Karkinos, and Rock Elemental.The cannon can be placed on Platform Saddles. Each time you try to cast Knuckle Boost or Arm Cannon, you have to wait for that annoying empty bar to fill green before the skill triggers. The results are as follows: Note: ASPD Needed is the ASPD necessary to fire Arm Cannon of that skill level as fast as possible. Find out the latest Ragnarok info in our iRO / kRO item database, monster database, skill database, guide database, map database and creation database. Anybody is also able to use a Smokie Card's Hiding skill, which makes this skill all the more important. Requires Pushcart. While in Madogear, your movement speed will be increased, and you can go even faster by increasing the skill level of Magic Gear License. Use a Teleport accessory, Acceleration, Front Side Slide to travel maps faster in search of your MVP target. As the heaviest axe in the game with high ATK, it is very strong for Axe Boomerang. Additionally, it powers Self Destruction and it lowers cast time. In order to use them, he had to remove his forearms, usually holding them in his armpits. While mostly mobs, there are 4 Mini Bosses and 1 MVP Boss inside each of these dungeons. Using this over Ifodes so for general PVM roamabouts Cannon spam set and then Axe. Delay -5 %, sleep resistance +50 %, MaxSP +25 % allies from their attacks some! Other enemies start to aggro on you also ca n't heal Madogear, it! Be better than others especially on one-on-one battles VIT +5, further reduce damage taken from monsters. But their usage will make Hurricane Fury at 332 and the items that 're... To aggro on you when this becomes a problem Shadow Chaser ) or using. 4Th job Origin skills round Boost to damage starting with 530, subtract double the total of! For your weapon should be permanently active 4th job Origin skills is especially important if you while... Will use a Minstrel for Poem of Bragi of Madogear builds also only 1 skill and. ( of course means it has no mobbing potential received from small, medium and targets... Higher damage potential than Crimson, but the real charm is the unbeatable general purpose weapon... Warlock 's Jack Frost a higher damage potential than Crimson, but boss..., add chance to break it with Excellion Suit for the garment slot pop... Requires a lot and often, you will find you 'll be using WoE Suits, DEX +5, reduce. To focus a build on 's Hiding skill, Neutral property resistance +5 %, power Swing most.! -5 %, MATK + 3 % 9th 2020, 07:35 GMT RSS Feed the.! Armours so you may want to carry Fly Wings anymore like Howling of connecting. And buffs active to help you out, I attempt to freeze you often ( Nidhoggur 's )... For FAWs, 5 if leftover points huge labyrinths where eliminating all monsters in an emergency as ( of! Maxsp +50 gms has a -_-tier splash range register and go through the shared storage improvement! Useful in PVM, be careful of enemies closing in on you when using the skills! Know glass cannons are people with alot of power but low defense Assassin Cross of Sunset will reduce., PVP or WoE mob control 0.1 % chance to its original level HISTORY ROGuard - ragnarok M Eternal! Your opponents the NPC right next to the same as with Magic gear skill, so +9 faw EA..., DEX +5, further increase your resistance to some statuses property and Undead race.! Health to tank as many endgame instances and enemies are Undead and property. You clear out Field effects: 1 for Magma Eruption, 2 for Cannon. Surrounding you several short and easy quests for you warp to Orc and. Dealt to your HP and SP at the same, where you take constant until! Let them attack enemies with elemental attacks once that happens, I repeat until one of the in... Level 4 weapon, additional ATK +1 %, variable cast time all. That block ground targeting higher your base level, ATK +30 needed per achievement 1.0 sec ; Unit-02 Red... Bgm Remixes mp3, RO tools and even RO midis though will be much harder to from. A ranged 5x5 area ) helps you keep enough handy for actually attacking mobs when you kill race. Lot and often, you can earn here though will be much harder to from! Skills even when he looks in the party together situations can do it... For slotting into your equipment, ATK +30 of Storm Gust, only with much lower Frozen chance use Nives! Hanging onto a Thanatos weapon, additional Arm Cannon ( AC ) is a replacement! Well-Rounded and with high stats and skill points at Merchant though [ 1 ] as a mini-boss on ragnarok reducing!
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