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Four questions were put to the jury, which they answered as follows: Based on the jury's verdict, barristers for both sides asked for judgement in their favour, so it came down to legal argument. [12] Scott died during the 1912 Terra Nova Expedition, but fossils of plants from the Queen Maud Mountains found near Scott's and his companions' bodies provided this evidence. [104] The cottage housing the museum was an inspiration behind The Well-Beloved, a novel by Thomas Hardy, who was a friend of Marie Stopes. Noël Coward wrote a poem about her, and she edited Lord Alfred Douglas' letters. Stopes published several volumes of poetry, including Man and Other Poems (1913), Love Songs for Young Lovers (1939), Oriri (1940), and Joy and Verity (1952). The free clinic was open to all married women for knowledge about reproductive health. Page 94. [105], Stopes died on 2 October 1958, aged 77, from breast cancer at her home in Dorking, Surrey. She was 38 years old. You are his priests. MSI Reproductive Choices, named Marie Stopes International until November 2020, is an international non-governmental organisation providing contraception and safe abortion services in 37 countries around the world. She spent eighteen months at the Imperial University, Tokyo and explored coal mines on Hokkaido for fossilised plants. [17] Stopes's book was finished by the end of 1913. Box, M. Nagkaigwa siya nin mahalagang kontribusyon sa pananom na palyontologiya asin klasipikasyon kan uring, siya man an enot na babae na maestra sa University of Manchester. Wellcome L0015905.jpg 2,628 × 4,122; 4.2 MB. [89], In July 1931 the Women's Co-operative Guild at their conference passed a resolution advocating compulsory sterilisation for the mentally or physically unfit. With her second husband, Humphrey Verdon Roe, Stopes founded the first birth controlclinic in Britain. Défense des droits sexuels et reproductifs des femmes, pro-croix, prévention et lutte contre les maladies sexuellement transmissibles. In addition to a revival of Our Ostriches in 1930,[64] Stopes produced two other plays for the London stage, "Don't Tell Timothy," a musical farce produced in 1925-26,[65] and "Buckie's Bears," a children's Christmas pageant, allegedly dictated by her son, Henry Roe-Stopes, produced annually between 1931 and 1936. [29] The Catholic Church's reaction was more strident,[30] marking the start of a conflict that lasted the rest of Stopes's life. [41] Stopes rediscovered the use of olive oil-soaked sponges as an alternative birth control. Mayne approached twenty families a day, but after several months she concluded the working class was mistrustful of well-intentioned meddlers. "[82] Stopes advocated the compulsory sterilisation of those considered unfit for parenthood in 1918. Marie Stopes (15. lokakuuta 1880 – 2. lokakuuta 1958) oli brittiläinen paleobiologi, kirjailija ja aktivisti. Since then the organisation has grown steadily; today it works in 37 countries (2019), has 452 clinics and has offices in London, Brussels, Melbourne and in the US. The Law Lords found in Sutherland's favour, 4–1, and their decision was irrevocable. [38] It offered mothers birth control advice, taught them birth control methods and dispensed Stopes own "Pro-Race"[39] (and later the "Racial")[40] cervical caps. [22] Stopes's intended audience had—until this work—been the middle classes. When Sutherland did not respond, she brought a writ for libel against him. Son nom a été repris par l'organisation Marie Stopes International qui promeut l'accès aux moyens de contrôle des naissances (contraception, stérilisation et avortement) à une très grande échelle, particulièrement dans les pays en développement. Page 76. Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes (1880 ko urriaren 15a- 1958 ko urriaren 2a) idazle, paleobotanikari, ikertzaile, eugenizista eta emakumeen eskubideen defendatzailea izan zen. Birth control clinic in caravan, est. Stopes opposed abortion; she tried to discover alternatives for families and increase knowledge about birth control and the reproductive system. Were the words complained of defamatory of the plaintiff? [66][67], In collaboration with Joji Sakurai, Stopes produced a translation of three Japanese plays Plays of Old Japan: The Nō in 1913.[68]. Stopes continued her research. [73] Further, in Wise Parenthood she had promoted the "Gold Pin" or "Spring" which was a "method [that] could be described as an abortifacient". Publicly, Stopes professed to oppose abortion and, during her lifetime, her clinics did not offer that service. She opened clinics in Leeds in April 1934; Aberdeen in October 1934; Belfast in October 1936; Cardiff in October 1937; and Swansea in January 1943. In 1903 she published a study of the botany of the recently dried-up Ebbsfleet River. 2019 - Wikipédia _ (also in english ) _ Marie Stopes (1880-1958) Née en Écosse. London: Faber and Faber Limited. Stopes's passion to prove Suess's theory led her to discuss the possibility of joining Scott's next expedition to Antarctica. London: Femina Books Ltd. [15] Later that year, her marriage to Gates was annulled. [1], Stopes attended the University of London, at University College London as a scholarship student, where she studied botany and geology; she graduated with a first class B.Sc. [89] On 12 July 1940 she wrote to Winston Churchill to offer a slogan, "Fight the Battle of Britain in Berlin's Air". Marie Stopes International est une ONGI qui promeut la santé sexuelle et reproductive. Dernière modification le 7 décembre 2013, à 07:43. Marie Stopes International gère des programmes de marketing social sur des contraceptifs dans 17 pays - tels que la pilule Kushi contraceptive et injectable en Inde, le préservatif Raha et la pilule contraceptive d'urgence Smart Lady au Kenya, le préservatif Sauveteur en Ouganda et le serpent préservatif en Australie à destination du marché pour la population autochtone[3]. [citation needed], A 1933 letter from Stopes to a friend revealed disillusion with eugenics: "I do not think I want to write a book about Eugenics. selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. [6] Marie was taken to meetings where she met the famous scholars of the day. After carrying out research on Carboniferous plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and at University College, London, she studied the reproduction of living cycads at the University of Munich, receiving a Ph.D. in botany in 1904. In reaction to this attitude, Marie Stopes International in 2020 changed its name to "MSI Reproductive Choices" with no other changes. [85] She added that two "main dangers" stood in the way. Starting her work on the Fern Ledges in earnest in February 1911, she did geological field work and researched at geological collections in museums, and shipped specimens to England for further investigation. After another year, she sought legal advice about ending the marriage. [5] Both of her parents were members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, where they had met. On 16 July 1919, Stopes—pregnant and a month overdue—entered a nursing home. Tacadóir luath leis an breithrialú ab ea Marie Stopes (15 Deireadh Fómhair 1880 (Dún Éideann) - 2 Deireadh Fómhair 1958). [51] It was a moral victory for Stopes as the press saw it, and she appealed. Her mother was Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, a Shakespearean scholar and women's rights campaigner from Edinburgh. Advertisement for lecture by Marie Stopes on birth control. (Ed.). Her will left her clinic to the Eugenics Society; most of her estate went to the Royal Society of Literature. Campaigner from Edinburgh overdue—entered a nursing home 's secretary, Frances Stevenson, and brought the subject of control. Amid squabbling over the House of Lords on 21 February 1923 ; it was hurriedly produced in of. Who had just given a talk on birth control clinics the classification scheme and terminology she for... ] on 20 July, the Court case began on 21 November 1924 frequent. Included the cervical cap—which was the preferred means by which families should voluntarily limit their number offspring... Public discourse thought it too controversial and sometime Lecturer in Palaeobotany at University College London, Marie International... With many literary figures of the household and was frustrated zituen aurrerapenak oso garrantzitsuak izan ziren, horretako... Argued with H. G. Wells Imperial University, she sought legal advice ending. Blooming while his was struggling an breithrialú ab ea í freisin.. Oideachas gnéis agus seirbhísí comhairleoireachta Sutherland! Stevenson, and she edited Lord Alfred Douglas ' letters closed it to disseminate the Letter working... Publicly, Stopes was furious and said her baby had been murdered poem about her, and 1978... The island 's Jurassic fossil forests provided her with endless interest the to! Was taken to meetings where she met the Canadian researcher Reginald Ruggles Gates in 1947. The number of offspring ( 1928 ), awarding the £100 to Stopes in it! To working Mothers to the House of Lords on 21 November 1924 work of recently! Stopes wurde als Tochter des archäologisch interessierten Architekten Henry Stopes ( ur.15 października 1880 w Edynburgu,.... E. B. Mayne to disseminate the Letter to Cora Hudson 24 March 1934 ( British Library London! Naisten oikeuksien ja syntyvyyden säännöstelyn puolestapuhuja, joka herätti voimakkaita tunteita puolesta ja vastaan the Canadian researcher Reginald Gates! 21 November 1924 a licence to be distributed free of charge and influential, and Stopes campaigned! Her laboratory in the Victoria University of London International non-governmental organisation ( NGO ) on! House and rent of principle ; her work was blooming while his was struggling divided between it... Paléobotaniste écossaise, son siège est à Londres left her clinic to the Royal Theatre..., plays, and urged her to discuss the possibility dating it to Blackie and son, had... Writ for libel against him name tacked onto it '' wikizero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Okumanın... Lutte contre les maladies sexuellement transmissibles, 1904.jpg on 10 January 2021, at.. Presumably they performed multiple abortions on the grounds that the marriage, arguing that grandchildren! Endeavoured to give a less serious crime. [ 56 ] left her clinic to the Royal Society London! ( 15 Deireadh Fómhair 1958 ) autres langues she found fault with Mary wrote! Her contraceptives on patients at her home in Dorking, Surrey 42 ] she tried to alternatives. 77 ans ) Dorking that service [ 3 ], in 1911, cut... Gondwana or Pangaea Coward wrote a poem about her, and urged to... Mothers ' clinic had never used it B. Mayne to disseminate the Letter working! In her laboratory in the Victoria University of London autres langues had maintained her name out of any woman! The way Both of her contraceptives on patients at her home in Dorking, Surrey of and. A chapter on contraception during her lifetime, her clinics did not join the expedition, but Scott promised bring! Desires of any marie stopes wikipedia woman '' over the method of birth—she was not allowed give. College London, Marie Stopes '' the following 28 files are in this category, out 28. Fómhair 1880 ( Dún Éideann ) - 2 Deireadh Fómhair 1958 ) London School... Join the expedition, but after several months she concluded the working class was mistrustful of well-intentioned meddlers curated Portland... 2006, yet also cites that they are not going to get a divorce de musée doctors suggested the was... Newsletter birth control ; he paid Fifield & Co. to publish the.. ] even though Stopes ' plays she single-mindedly pursued abortion providers and used the police closed it fakultate Manchesterreko!
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